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Certification Programs

Below are some of the self directed certification programs you can use to develop new skills.

Google for Education Certifications

Apple Teacher

  • A free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning.

  • 3 certification options:

    1. iPad

    2. Mac

    3. Swift Playgrounds

Apple Teacher Website

Apple Teacher Info Sheet

Apple Teacher Portfolio

To earn your Apple Teacher Portfolio recognition, explore sample activities and templates to spark new ideas, design your own series of creative lessons and earn badges along the way. You’ll build nine lessons to complete your portfolio — a body of work ready to share with leadership, peers and beyond.

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Apple Teacher for iPad (Badges)

  1. iPad

  2. Pages for iPad

  3. Keynote for iPad

  4. Numbers for iPad

  5. iMovie for iPad

  6. GarageBand for iPad

  7. Productivity with iPad

  8. Creativity with iPad

Apple Teacher for Mac (Badges)

  1. Mac

  2. Pages for Mac

  3. Keynote for Mac

  4. Numbers for Mac

  5. iMovie for Mac

  6. GarageBand for Mac

  7. Productivity for Mac

  8. Creativity for Mac Teaching Computer Science Fundamentals

Teaching Computer Science Fundamentals is intended as an introduction to computer science fundamentals and the K-5 resources for teachers. Through reading, viewing videos, completing interactive puzzles and reflecting on your learning, you'll develop your own understanding while preparing to teach computer science in your classroom.

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