Nova Scotia Virtual School & Educators Site

Nova Scotia Virtual School

The Nova Scotia Virtual School is a common provincial online learning platform created as a joint project between provincial school boards and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Nova Scotia. It provides:

Educators Site

Additional teachers resources organized by grade and subject area.

Ways to access these sites (teachers only)

*You must use a Chrome Browser 

Option 1: Via the Google Workspace Waffle (computer only)

Option 2: Go Directly to the Website (any device)

Teacher Resources

Accessing Moodle Courses that Require an Enrol Code

For copyright reasons, some resources require an enrolment code. If you require access to any of these resources, please follow the instructions below. Being that most that require enrolment codes are math related, this is what will be used in the instructions:

Students who need access to NSVS

1. Log in with school email from a browser

2. Click on the waffle in the top right

3. Click "more" to see the bottom of the list

4. Click on the "Learning Resources" icon

5. Click on "NSVS/Moodle"

6. Click on the Google button

7. Log in to school email again (only if necessary)

*To access a course for the first time, click on "Professional Communities of Practice" then search for the course. If it requires an enrolment code, contact James or Kim via email.