Seesaw for Schools

Just getting started with Seesaw? Or perhaps you're looking for some further training to improve your current skills? Seesaw has many different training videos to guide your though your journey. 

Getting Started

Seesaw has a playlist for teachers learning the basics, which is also good to use as a refresher if it's been a while.  You'll also want to check out Seesaw's grade specific Getting Started Reference Guides 

Taking Your Knowledge Further

Seesaw's BEYOND THE BASICS videos will help you take your Seesaw game to the next level. 

Seesaw Help Centre

Seesaw has a great page for easy access to your most common problems. Check out their HELP CENTRE when you're stuck and can't figure something out. 

Seesaw Icon Shortcuts

Wondering how to get those great Seesaw icons into your activity instructions? Here's How.

MK Seesaw For Schools How to Videos

We have created many different How To Videos on the most commonly asked questions when using Seesaw. We are constantly adding new videos to the playlist. If there's something you want to learn contact Kim at to request help. 

Parent Training Series

We have created a series of videos for parents to use to learn how to help their child use Seesaw at home. This is an excellent resource if you're using Seesaw for At Home Learning or even Homework.