NS Dept of Ed Resources

MK Schools follow the NS Department of Education Curriculum outcomes. The Department has developed a Learning Continuity Plan which is designed to support learning for P-12 students in the province in different ways during COVID-19. Click below to access the various resources they have available:

MK Teachers now have access to the NS Dept of Education eLearning Support site (click here to access). There is some duplication between this site and ours (resources.kinu.ca), but there is a significant amount of info that you won't find on our site. Key site features of this resource include:

  • Curriculum suggestions and supports by grade and selected subject areas
  • E-learning tips and resources
  • How to access support for learning through technology
  • How to tutorials
  • Student Services specific information

This is a protected site accessible to teachers (and principals/directors) only. As a result, you'll need to be logged in to your school email in order to gain access. Please contact Allan if you experience any issues accessing this site.

If you click on a link and are prompted to request access, please click request access. There are 9 Google Drive files linked on the site that are owned by people who have enforced additional restrictions.