eLearning Tips

These tips are meant to be used as high level guides to getting started online. These elements will be determined by the platform selected for delivery by individual teachers (Google Classroom, Seesaw, Google Meet) It is important to recognize that the delivery modes of online learning are VERY different from traditional ‘brick & mortar’ classrooms. Do not try to recreate your classroom or day. The ideas below are intended to provide a mindset required to provide the best opportunity for achieving success online.

Getting Started with eLearning

First Steps

  • Practice with and troubleshoot the tools you will use. Seek support when needed.
  • Office Hours - Outline how and when students can meet and otherwise interact with you during the week.
  • Limit New Tools - If possible, use programs you and your students have already used.

Next Steps

  • Establish norms and expectations for conferences and communication between Teacher & Students.
  • Establish a class Calendar to set dates and book meetings where needed.

Continued Practices

  • Asynchronous, Blended and Synchronous - Providing clear instructions, expectations, and timelines for the mode(s) of delivery you select for your class will be key to success. It is likely that you will initially focus on Asynchronous learning.
  • Projects can meet a number of outcomes, be cross curricular, last over multiple days, and provide students many opportunities for conferencing and guidance throughout their learning. It is also a good opportunity for teachers to collaborate on learning activities. This may be an opportunity to give students choice so they can continue to integrate areas of passion in their work. e.g. music and art.

Additional Resources

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