G Suite on iPad

G Suite on iPad

One of the most appealing things about using G Suite for Education is that is works on any device and any platform - including iPad. The main difference is that if you are using the various G Suite tools on an iPad (or iPhone), the most efficient way to do so is via their apps - as opposed to from a web browser like Chrome. Layout and look is different on iPad compared to a web browser, but the important thing is that 99% of what you can do with G Suite on a laptop/desktop, you can do on an iPad.

Click here to access "Getting Started with G Suite on Mobile" from the G Suite Learning Center.

Below is a list of G Suite/Google apps relevant to teachers/students.

G Suite/Google Apps for iOS/iPad relevant to teachers/students

Core G Suite Apps

Productivity Apps

Social Apps

Geography Apps

Virtual Reality & 360

Photography Apps

Other Apps

G Suite in 1:1 iPad